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Honours Class

What is the Honours Class?

Students in our honours classes are a part of a community of like-minded individuals with a strong enthusiasm for learning. This unique class setting focuses on further developing inquisitive, studious, and reflective learners through a creative academic atmosphere. Resulting in students being immersed in an environment that is not only challenging but engaging.  We have a class at each grade level.


This Academic Atmosphere...

Is fast pace

Offers enrichment and extension

Encourages healthy realtionships and community involvement

Values the inquiry process

Offers opportunities for open-ended / student directed learning

Promotes creativity and the love of learning

Encourages the development of leadership skills

Develops independent, self motivated students

Provides smooth transition into high school academic programs


Is the work harder in the honours class?

In the honours program we work smarter, not harder.  These students require less repetition in their instruction, thereby creating the opportunity to extend  and deepen their understanding of the Alberta Curriculum.

Is there more homework?

At Hillcrest we focus on building the whole child. While we do expect students to create high quality products, the amount of time spent on homework is similar to that of the regular program.

How do I to get into this class?

Students in grade 6  who are interested in being a part of this class in grade 7 need to submit the Student/ Parent Questionnaire  when applying to Hillcrest School. A Teacher Referral Checklist will be sent to the grade 6 teacher for further information. Students in grades 7 and 8 wanting to move into the honours class will be referred by the teacher or administration.  Students and parents will be contacted to discuss this possibility.

Are marks a determining factor in getting into this class?

Involvement in this class will be dependant on the personal learning needs of individual students. Feedback from students, parents and teachers will be used as part of the process to determine if a student is suitable for a placement in this class.  Students will however need to have demonstrated a proficient to exemplary understanding of the grade 6 curricular outcomes.

Is there a waiting list?

It depends on the year as some years we do have more interest than available spaces.  In that case we do consider when the application was turned into the school so if interested, it is important that the application is turned in at your earliest convenience.


To apply for the Honours Class at Hillcrest, please fill out this google form. If you do not have a google account, you can print the Honours Application Form 2022-23, fill in the required information, and email the completed form to hillcrest@epsb.ca attention Mr. Fred Fonseca.