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To begin the year, we recommend that you obtain the following supplies:
• four (4) - 3-ring binders (1 1/2" size) (different colours) with 4 sets of dividers
• lined loose-leaf paper (1000 sheets)
• blank paper (100 sheets)
• pencil case
• pens (10)
• pencils (1 pkg)
• erasers (2)
• set of pencil crayons or felts (set of 8)
• geometry math set
• large glue sticks (1)
• graphing paper (25 sheets)
• solar-powered scientific calculator including: sign change (-/+), square root and %. (Student’s name should be engraved on the back.)
• gym shorts, t-shirt and white soled running shoes for physical education (Sweat top and pants are recommended for cool weather.)
• 1 combination lock for phys. ed. lockers (available from the school for purchase if needed) note: the school will be providing students with a lock for the student lockers. 
• 10 duo-tangs
• Individual teachers and/or option classes may have additional requirements
Hillcrest School Student Fees 2017 - 2018:
Junior High Fees:
Textbook Caution Fee is a one time fee (will be refunded upon returning of all books that are undamaged and payment of any outstanding fees for students leaving.)  $75.00 
Lost or damaged books will be charged the cost of the replacement
Optional Fees:
1. Combination lock  $6.00
2. Yearbook (a minimum of 100 books must be pre-ordered by students to proceed with publication)$25.00
3. Agenda Planner - can be purchased from Hillcrest  $6.00
4. Hillcrest T-Shirt for gym  $8.00
Potential Fees:
1. Option Class:  Music (Instrument Rental $65.00 plus music supplies $20.00) Gr. 7, 8 & 9 $85.00
    Music supplies (if you own instrument) Gr. 7, 8 & 9 $20.00
2. Option Class:  Food and Fashion Studies - costs related to consumable products or items that become the property of the student
    Gr. 7  $15.00
    Gr. 8 & 9  $15.00
3. Option Class:  Construction - costs related to consumable products or items that become the property of the student
    Gr. 7  No Fee
    Gr. 8 & 9  $15.00
4. Options Class:  Art - costs related to consumable products or items that become the property of the student including soapstone carving
    Gr. 7  $20.00
    Gr. 8 & 9  $25.00
5. Options Class: Active Living (Sports Performance) - Fees   $50.00
6. Option Class: Environment Outdoor Education - costs related to field trips such as entry fees and bus rentals
    Gr. 7: $55.00
    Gr. 8: $55.00
    Gr. 9: $55.00
7. Option Class: Visual Communication - costs related to products that become the property of the student $15.00
8. Bus Fees ETS Monthly Bus Pass 
   $55.00 / Monthly :  $470.00 / Year :  $71.00 /  Replacement bus pass
9. Field trip related costs are transportation, admission, subsistence, accommodation, and/or participation costs to permit the involvement of the individual student.  Fees will be collected prior to the field trip by the teacher involved. Costs will vary
10. Athletic Fees - as per team letter from individual coaches.  Costs will vary
11. NSF fee per returned cheque (cheque writing privileges will be withdrawn)  $10.00


Clubs & Activities


Clubs & Activities & Trips

Hillcrest School provides a range of academic and curricular options. The extras are part of the experience! 

Student activity council:

This group meets once a week at lunch where plans are made to help build school and community spirit. Students will have fun, develop leadership skills and interact with staff and their peers, all while making a difference.  Some activities that Student Union has helped out in include: Halloween candy give away, Candy-Grams, Christmas Carnival and Make a Wish for Hillcrest staff.  A worthwhile adventure awaits, come and be a part of Mustang Pride!

School clubs: 

Every year, we offer a variety clubs that are offered during the noon hour and after school such as:

      • Improv Club                   

      • Science Olympics         

      • CO2 Races

      • Art

      • Ski and Snowboard

      • Sports

      • Math 

      • Jazz Band

  • Card Board Boat Races

Students are encouraged to participate in these clubs or start new clubs based on student interest.

Extracurricular trips: 

Each year, a number of optional extracurricular trips are planned as enrichment activities. Since these trips are considered earned privileges, students who participate should have a record of excellent attendance and positive behaviour. It is important to note that details and prices of specific trips may vary from year to year, and not all trips will run every year. The organization of these trips depend on student interest, school scheduling and cost to families.