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Special Education


Students who have experienced challenges in their learning and meet the requirements for Opportunity Programming are eligible to register in this program. Students must be pre-registered with the assistance of their current school using the SNAP Process. Registration is limited.


The English Language Learning Program was added to address the needs of our new students arriving from around the world. We have new students from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, East Africa, Afghanistan, Syria and Mexico to name only a few international locations. Many of our new students require intensive language learning to be successful in their schooling.


For students requiring academic support and meet the requirements for Literacy programming, this class helps them develop the skills and abilities to achieve in all subject areas.  Students focus on literacy and math instruction using a slower pace.  Students are also in smaller classes and utilize a variety of visual aids and hands-on activities. Opportunities to join other classes for instruction in a student’s area of strength are also available.  Students are integrated into regular option classes. Registration is limited.