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School Philosophy

Hillcrest is Success!

Our ultimate goal is student success. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that students, parents/guardians, and staff work cooperatively. To maximize academic success we believe in creating an environment that provides optimal learning experiences and prepares our students for high school. To support achieving this success, we emphasize regular attendance at school, arriving on time and ready to learn, students being diligent in their studies, and completing homework and assignments on time.

Our staff is committed to providing enriching learning experiences and opportunities for individual student success. We also hold students directly responsible for assuming their role in our partnership. We will support students who are not able to meet requirements through tutorials, individual support, extended learning opportunities, and parent contact.

We know that student behavior has a direct impact on student success academically. Knowing this, we have placed a high priority on ensuring student conduct meets acceptable standards. In this way, we can ensure that the learning environment is protected for all students. This means that students need to arrive at school on time, be prepared to learn and demonstrate appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. The underlying goal is to maximize the safety and well-being of our students at Hillcrest School.

Developing responsible citizens is paramount as one of the responsibilities of education. To meet this expectation, Hillcrest School continues to be a leader of schools in connecting with our community. We are highly involved in community service-related activities. Our students are encouraged to participate in community activities through school-wide projects and individually. At the school level, our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of community service events such as Crest for the Cure, Hillcrest Greetings, the United Way, and other current events.