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Please check out this website for information on games. 
Hillcrest is a Tier 2 sport team. http://edmontonschoolathletics.com/
Soccer: Hillcrest offers an exciting Soccer program for juniors and seniors. You can look forward to Soccer season starting in September!
Cross Country Running: Our cross country running team is a great way for students to get involved with the athletics here at Hillcrest. If you have a love for running, or you want to get in shape this is the team for you! There are no try outs for this team, if you’re interested you can join! We enter in 4 races each year the final one is the City Championship. The season goes from the beginning of September until mid- October.
Basketball: Here at Hillcrest we have 4 basketball teams. We have a senior boys and a senior girls team as well as a junior boys and a junior girls team. We start try outs at the beginning of December and we have our teams made before the Christmas break. Our season runs from January until mid- March.
Senior Basketball: On a senior team you could expect 1-2 games per week and 2 practices per week. Our senior teams enter in a few weekend tournaments each year. 
Junior Basketball: On a junior team you could expect 1 game per week and 1-2 practices per week. Our junior teams usually enter in one weekend tournament per year. 
Volleyball: Hillcrest offers an exciting volleyball program for juniors and seniors. You can look forward to volleyball season starting in October! 
Track & Field: We kick off our track and field season in Phys Ed classes in mid-April. The students get to learn all of the events during class and then they get to choose their two best events to compete in at our school wide track meet at the beginning of May. The top 2 boys and 2 girls in each category and in each event earn the opportunity to be a member of the Track and Field team. All those students get to compete at the Zone Track Meet at the end of May. The top students from Zones get the opportunity to compete at the City Finals at the beginning of June.