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  • Upcoming Events, Clubs & Activities

    Upcoming Events, Clubs & Activities

    Pre-Enrolment March 9 - April 15

    Sign in to your parent SchoolZone account between March 9 and April 15  to select your child’s preferred school for next year.  

    Student Registration Form

    Gr. 6 Honours Application - Deadline April 15, 2020 

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    Check out what is happening at Hillcrest and ways to get involved

    • Hiking Club - Hike in: Lake Louise, Jasper, and go on a dog sledding trip
    • Dungeons & Dragons Club
    • Lit Club
    • Werewolf Club
    • GSA Club
    • Yearbook Club
    • Drama Club
    • Debate Club
    • Curling Club
    • Jazz Band
    • Various sports throughout the year: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football
    • Intramurals at lunch
    • Crest Group Activities
    • Board Game Club at lunch in the library



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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Hillcrest is Success!

    Our ultimate goal is student success. In order to achieve this goal it is important that students, parents, and staff work cooperatively. To maximize academic success we believe in creating an environment which provides optimal learning experiences and prepares our students for high school. To achieve this success, we emphasize regular attendance at school, arriving on time and ready to learn, students being diligent in their studies, and completing homework and assignments on time.

    Our staff is committed to providing enriching learning experiences and opportunities for individual student success. We also hold students directly responsible for assuming their role in our partnership. We will support students who are not able to meet requirements through tutorials, individual support, extended learning opportunities, and parent contact.

    We know that student behavior has a direct impact on student success academically. Knowing this, we have placed high priority on ensuring student conduct meets acceptable standards. In this way we can ensure that the learning environment is protected for all students. This means that students need to arrive to school on time, be prepared to learn and demonstrate appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. The underlying goal is to maximize the safety and well-being of our students at Hillcrest School.

    Developing responsible citizens is paramount as one of the responsibilities of education. To meet this expectation, Hillcrest School continues to be a leader of schools in connecting with our community. We are highly involved in community service related activities. Our students are encouraged to participate in community activities through school wide projects and individually. At the school level, our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of community service events such as Crest for the Cure, Hillcrest Greetings, the United Way, and other current events.

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities


    Clubs & Activities & Trips

    Hillcrest School provides a range of academic and curricular options. The extras are part of the experience! 

    Student activity council:

    This group meets once a week at lunch where plans are made to help build school and community spirit. Students will have fun, develop leadership skills and interact with staff and their peers, all while making a difference.  Some activities that Student Union has helped out in include: Halloween candy give away, Candy-Grams, Christmas Carnival and Make a Wish for Hillcrest staff.  A worthwhile adventure awaits, come and be a part of Mustang Pride!

    School clubs: 

    Every year, we offer a variety clubs that are offered during the noon hour and after school such as:

          • Improv Club                   

          • Science Olympics         

          • CO2 Races

          • Art

          • Ski and Snowboard

          • Sports

          • Math 

          • Jazz Band

    • Card Board Boat Races

    Students are encouraged to participate in these clubs or start new clubs based on student interest.

    Extracurricular trips: 

    Each year, a number of optional extracurricular trips are planned as enrichment activities. Since these trips are considered earned privileges, students who participate should have a record of excellent attendance and positive behaviour. It is important to note that details and prices of specific trips may vary from year to year, and not all trips will run every year. The organization of these trips depend on student interest, school scheduling and cost to families.


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ALERT: Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

Schools remain closed to students and visitors. Instruction moves to distance and online learning. Learn more. 



Welcome to Hillcrest School! 

At Hillcrest School, we believe in creating a safe and caring environment that encourages students to take responsibility for their learning, do their best, and treat others with respect.

We are committed to:

  • providing a welcoming and respectful environment
  • promoting healthy relationships and creating a caring community
  • coaching students on embracing their rights and living up to their responsibilities
  • fostering growth and success for every student
  • ongoing professional learning to provide high quality teaching and programming
  • meaningfully engaging students in developing their skills and interests outside of class through a variety of extracurricular clubs, activities, athletics and community partnerships
  • ongoing communication between the school and home

Hillcrest School offers:

  •  Counselling Services and Success Coach for students and families
  •  High School Transition Coach for Grade 9 Students
  •  Smartboards, Chromebooks, Wireless Internet
  •  Communication with parents; Up to date news on SchoolZone and Hillcrest Website
  •  Crest Group Advisor Program; positive citizenship, anti-bullying themes, goal-setting
  •  Crest for Culture: Activities that showcase the diverse cultures of Hillcrest School

For our 460 students, we live our District’s cornerstone values of accountability, collaboration, equity, and integrity.


Principal's Message

At Hillcrest School, our daily commitment is demonstrated through our diverse and dynamic school spirit, student programming and extracurricular offerings.

Our school is focused on maximizing opportunities for students to learn and grow, both personally and academically. We intentionally build school community and teach citizenship through our daily, cross-grade Crest groups. We embrace diversity and program for student differences through our French and Mandarin second language programs, our English Language Learner supports, our FLEX (Literacy/Opportunity) classes and our Gay-Straight Alliance.

We encourage creativity in our students as they explore arts and technology in our arts, drama, music, band, and visual communication courses and clubs. In addition, we offer outstanding opportunities for students to develop their health and wellness through physical education, outdoor education, sports performance, and a variety of extracurricular athletics. Students are challenged to develop their leadership skills through our leadership option and the Student Activities extracurricular program.

To begin exploring career pathways, students can try construction, foods, and fashion courses. For students interested in more academic enrichment, they can declare interest in being in our Honours Class. Technology is often integrated into instruction with the use of our updated computer lab and seven class sets of Chromebook carts.

Our highly-skilled staff are tenaciously positive and persistent in setting high expectations for learning and conduct and providing timely supports to ensure all students are achieving and thriving. There is a calm and friendly vibe in our school hallways.

Communication between home and school

One of the strengths of Hillcrest School is the strong relationships we develop between students, parents, and our staff. Open communication between the home and school is a key factor in the success of our students.

We have a variety of methods for parents to contact our staff including phone calls, email, and meetings as needed. We also use SchoolZone to provide parents and students with course outlines, school and District news as well as Individual Student Reports and Progress Reports. In addition, weekly Principal Updates are emailed to parents giving an overview of the weekly activities and events, and school news and information. We also keep the School Calendar on our school’s website up-to-date, so parents can always see what’s going on at Hillcrest.

School Council

We have an active School Council that meets regularly and fundraises for purchases to enhance the student experience. We are accountable to our parent community to report on school happenings, practices, and our budget. We welcome open, honest dialogue with parents to help inform our decisions.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.  780 489-2516

Fred Fonseca  Fred.Fonseca@epsb.ca