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Complementary Courses


Honours Class

What is the Honours Class?

Students in our honours classes are a part of a community of like-minded individuals with a strong enthusiasm for learning. This unique class setting focuses on further developing inquisitive, studious, and reflective learners through a creative academic atmosphere. Resulting in students being immersed in an environment that is not only challenging but engaging.  


This Academic Atmosphere...

Is fast pace

Offers enrichment and extension

Encourages healthy realtionships and community involvement

Values the inquiry process

Offers opportunities for open-ended / student directed learning

Promotes creativity and the love of learning

Encourages the development of leadership skills

Develops independent, self motivated students

Provides smooth transition into high school academic programs


Is the work harder in the honours class?

In the honours program we work smarter, not harder.  These students require less repetition in their instruction, thereby creating the opportunity to extend  and deepen their understanding of the Alberta Curriculum.

Is there more homework?

At Hillcrest we focus on building the whole child. While we do expect students to create high quality products, the amount of time spent on homework is similar to that of the regular program.

Are marks a determining factor in getting into this class?

Involvement in this class will be dependant on the personal learning needs of individual students. Feedback from students, parents and teachers will be used as part of the process to determine if a student is suitable for a placement in this class.  Students will however need to have demonstrated a proficient to the exemplary understanding of their grade level curricular outcomes.

Do you need further information?

Please contact the school and ask to speak to Mr. Fonseca. 


Option Courses

Environmental Outdoor Education:
Do you enjoy spending time outside? Are you interested in learning more about nature? Then Environmental and Outdoor Education is the option for you. This class has two main focuses: outdoor expeditions and environmental investigations. In outdoor expeditions, you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing, orienteering, hiking and rock climbing. In environmental investigations, you will develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for the natural world and our impact on it.
Art Class:
Students will have an opportunity to learn or improve their art skills and techniques through this engaging program.  This course helps you gain insight and solve art-related challenges. Students are evaluated individually, based on rubrics reflecting the curriculum.
In each multi-phased project, the process, rather than product is emphasized.  Students will be introduced to a wide variety of art activities and related compositions, including sketching, doodling, printing, drawing, painting, pen and ink, wire sculpture, clay sculpture, 3D sculpture and many other media to create works of art.
Drama Class:
Drama is not only for those who are talented at acting.  Drama is an important, performance-based course for everyone. It helps build greater appreciation for the fine arts. As students learn ways to use their voice, expression and body language, they’ll strengthen their personal confidence and presentation skills. Drama students will experience: theatrical games, concentration and relaxation exercises, mime, vocal exercises, script work and scene studies, monologues, radio and video
broadcast techniques, audition techniques, creativity and improvisation. If you enjoy working in group situations or would like to develop leadership skills, then drama is for you. Develop your creativity and imagination!
Students will study kitchen safety, the names and use of kitchen tools, how to follow a recipe, and lessons on a variety of food areas. Students can expect to take part in food labs and individual and group work assignments, gaining life skills that can be replicated at home. 
In Grade 7, learning areas may include basic nutrition, cookies,
puffed wheat squares, cheese biscuits, mashed potatoes and stir-fry. 
In Grade 8, learning areas may include vegetables, sandwiches, healthy snacks, cookies, pizza biscuits, taco pasta, lemon meringue pie, banana muffins and grilled cheese.
In Grade 9, learning areas may include supermarkets, healthy dinners, cakes and cupcake decorating, homemade soup, lasagna, chili, brownies and salads.
Students will learn how to use the sewing machine and basic tools to complete different assignments and projects.
In Grade 7, students focus on hand-sewing techniques including threading a needle, tying a knot and sewing a button. These skills are then applied to a pincushion. 
In Grade 8, students will learn how to use a serger. Their skills are then applied to various student choice projects that may include cross-stitching, a quillow, sling bag, cushions, or stuffed toys. 
In Grade 9, students also learn basic sewing pattern terms and pattern layout. These skills are then applied to various student choice projects that may include a patch pillow, pajama pants, boxers, blankets, cushions, or stuffed toys.


The Grade 7 instrumental music program gives students the opportunity to expand their musical knowledge by learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument.  To enrich their musical experience, students in private or group lessons (for example, piano or violin) are encouraged to participate. These students will be a valuable asset to the program. The school band performs at school concerts, local and regional festivals, and school presentations. In addition, students can attend music camps and festival trips. Instrumental music also includes several weeks of guitar lessons. 
What instrument will you play? There are many to choose from! 
French Horn
Percussion (Drums)
Please Note: 
You don't need any previous musical experience to enroll in grade 7 Music. However, you should be aware that to be in Music in Gr. 8 or 9, you must take Music in grade 7.
Student Leadership:
The Leadership Program at Hillcrest is one of the key pillars to building success at our school. At Hillcrest, we believe every student has positive contributions to make; they just need opportunities to do so!
One of the goals of the Leadership Program is to allow students to explore their leadership potential. We want to allow students to take leadership risks in a comfortable and caring environment.
In a logical succession, students will develop their leadership characteristics, as they share ideas, listen to others, reflect, and share a meaningful contribution to events or discussions. In addition, students will study characteristics and traits of effective leaders, learn teambuilding skills, and practice conflict resolution strategies, all while developing community—the community within our school, our neighbourhood, the city, and even globally.
The Leadership Program includes a course at the Grade 8 and 9 levels. In these courses, students will organize, promote, and run events to build school spirit, raise awareness of certain causes, fundraise for charities, and lead our Crest groups. As students develop their skills and confidence, the size and scope of the activities and events will increase. The entire program is designed to create effective leaders who demonstrate pride, enthusiasm and compassion as responsible and active members of our community.
Extra P.E. Gr. 7, 8, and 9  (Sports Performance):
Hillcrest’s Sports Performance Program aims to provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to understand the factors related to sports performance. This will be accomplished through a combination of theory and practical exposure to various areas of sport and training, including sports leadership, nutrition, sports psychology, and strength and conditioning. Students will be expected to demonstrate outcomes as they relate to the study of current training principles, performance enhancement and evaluation, sports injuries, sports studies, and personal development through active participation. Sports performance allows athletes to further their physical and tactical abilities.
In construction classes, students are offered an introduction to drafting and design. They create blueprints and use them in the construction and fabrication process. Students are encouraged to progress at their own rate. Shop safety is always given top priority. After Grade 7, each student, according to their interest and experience level, can choose to work on construction projects such

as: a coin bank, bowl, tool tray, serving tray, train whistle, monster truck, folding table, gavel, CO2 car, canoe paddle, toy train or plane, crib board, ice fishing jig, wooden clock and long board. Between each level of project is a challenge project that the student must create, design and personalize with minimal direction.

Please Note:  
No previous experience is needed to go into Construction 
Visual Communication:
Visual communication is the sharing of ideas through the use of images. In this option, students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of media, such as basic digital photography, videography, and an introduction to layout design. Students who take this option are also primarily responsible for the morning video announcements and yearbook photography. They will become familiar with the tools, techniques and Google Chrome Extensions that ca