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Complementary Courses


Option Courses

Art: Students will have an opportunity to learn or improve their art skills and techniques through this engaging program.  This course helps you gain insight and solve art-related challenges. Students are evaluated individually, based on rubrics reflecting the curriculum.

 In each multi-phased project, the process, rather than product is emphasized.  Students will be introduced to a wide variety of art activities and related compositions, including sketching, doodling, printing, drawing, painting, pen and ink, wire sculpture, clay sculpture, 3D sculpture and many other media to create works of art.

Construction: In construction classes, students are offered an introduction to drafting and design. They create blueprints and use them in the construction and fabrication process. Students are encouraged to progress at their own rate. Shop safety is always given top priority. After Grade 7, each student, according to their interest and experience level, can choose to work on construction projects such as: a coin bank, bowl, tool tray, serving tray, train whistle, monster truck, folding table, gavel, CO2 car, canoe paddle, toy train or plane, crib board, ice fishing jig, wooden clock and longboard. Between each level of project is a challenge project that the student must create, design and personalize with minimal direction.

Please Note: No previous experience is needed to go into Construction

Digital Media and Design:

Students will have the chance to find out more about the inner workings of the Chromebooks and smartphones they use. They can also try their hand at film editing, stop-motion, podcasting and other forms of media. Our lab is also equipped with a V.R. headset so that students can explore the capabilities of virtual reality. Digital Media and Design may include broadcasting and audio engineering.

Drama: Not only for those who are talented at acting.  Drama is an important, performance-based course for everyone. It helps build greater appreciation for the fine arts. As students learn ways to use their voice, expression and body language, they’ll strengthen their personal confidence and presentation skills. Drama students will experience: theatrical games, concentration and relaxation exercises, mime, vocal exercises, script work and scene studies, monologues, radio and video

broadcast techniques, audition techniques, creativity and improvisation. If you enjoy working in group situations or would like to develop leadership skills, then drama is for you. Develop your creativity and imagination!

Environmental Outdoor Education: Do you enjoy spending time outside? Are you interested in learning more about nature? Then Environmental and Outdoor Education is the option for you. This class has two main focuses: outdoor expeditions and environmental investigations. In outdoor expeditions, you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to prepare to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing, orienteering, hiking and rock climbing. In environmental investigations, you will develop a greater awareness of and appreciation for the natural world and our impact on it.

Foods and Fashion 7: Students have the chance to be introduced to both Foods and Fashion in one option course. We will study kitchen safety/sanitation, the names and use of kitchen tools, how to follow a recipe, and lessons in a variety of food areas. Students can expect to take part in food labs and develop life skills that can be replicated at home. Some recipe examples include: puffed wheat squares, cookies, biscuits, muffins, and smoothies. In fashion, students will learn about sewing tools, basic hand stitches, sewing a button, the sewing machine, and have the chance to make their own creative pincushion. Some other project ideas may include: scrunchies, aprons, and friendship bracelets. There may be a chance for students to purchase a sewing kit from Classy Threads and make projects such as: a stuffed toy (turtle, bird, bat, octopus, narwhal, monster, etc.) Lots of fun learning! Come and be a part of it! Please Note: No previous experience is needed.

 Foods 8/9: In Foods, students will learn cooking and baking skills through fun recipes and food demonstrations. Students will study kitchen safety/sanitation, the names and use of kitchen tools, how to follow a recipe, and lessons in a variety of food areas. Students can expect to take part in food labs and develop life skills that can be replicated at home. Some recipe examples include: cookies, puffy pretzels, biscuits, macaroni and cheese, pizza, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, desserts, and more. Enjoy! Please Note: No previous experience is needed.

Fashion 8/9: In Fashion, students will learn sewing skills for making sewing projects. Students will learn about sewing tools, basic hand stitches, sewing a button, the sewing machine and the serger. These skills are applied towards student chosen projects. Students have the option to purchase a sewing kit from Classy Threads and make projects such as: a stuffed toy (turtle, bird, bat, octopus, narwhal, monster, etc.), blankets, bags, a plush cushion (yin yang, soccer ball, heart, music, etc.), a dice, a 3D sport ball (volleyball, basketball, football, etc.), a pencil body pillow, and more. In-class projects are also available: hair scrunchies, cross stitching, patch pillows, aprons, friendship bracelets, pincushions, and more! Come relax, learn, and have fun sewing!  Please Note: No previous experience is needed.

Design Fundamentals: In our makerspace, students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different projects. These projects are based on their own individual interests as more and more get added every semester. They will have the opportunity to delve into 3D printing and creating with 3D pens. Students will also have the opportunity to work on design and inquiry-based challenges.

Music (Full Year): Music class at Hillcrest gives students the opportunity to expand their musical knowledge by learning to play a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. What instrument will you play? There are many to choose from! Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Percussion (Drums). The school band performs at two school concerts a year. In addition, students may attend music camps and festival trips. Instrumental music also includes several weeks of guitar lessons.

Please Note: You don't need any previous musical experience to enroll in grade 7 Music. However, you should be aware that to be in Music in Gr. 8 or 9, it is recommended that you have had some music experience on an instrument in the past or have taken Music in grade 7. To enrich their musical experience, students in private lessons (for example, piano or guitar) are also encouraged to participate. Students who are enrolled in Music also have the opportunity to join the Jazz Band which is a highlight of any concert they perform at. It is also a really fun way to explore lots of different styles of music (for example, Rock, Pop, Jazz etc). 

Career and Technology Foundations: (Robotics and Coding) Students will learn how to wire up circuits, make lights work, and learn how to use robotic technology to solve real-world problems. They will design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using a robotics controller. In addition, students will have the freedom to try their hand at different coding languages including Python, HTML, and Scratch.


Active Living/Sports Performance: In this course, students will be enriched in a variety of sports, recreation and physical wellness activities and experiences. Examples may include, but are not limited to wall climbing, skating, swimming, snowshoeing, etc. Classes will be a combination of on site and off site experiences. 

Learning to Lead: (Grade 8 and 9) The leadership program at Hillcrest is an option that focuses on building awareness of one’s communities, as well as, the impact they have within their various communities. There is a strong emphasis on volunteerism, building school climate and enhancing leadership skills all happen in this wonderful program.  There are many different leadership styles to explore, and many character traits to focus on. Mustang Nation targets ways to make everyone feel seen, heard and have a sense of belonging within our school walls.  The entire program is designed to create effective leaders who demonstrate pride, enthusiasm and compassion as responsible and active members of our community. If you love to make a difference, or want to learn how to use your voice- this is the option for you!
Ukulele: This is an introductory class where students will learn the basics on how to play the Ukulele. The Ukulele is a 4 stringed small guitar style instrument that is very popular around the world. It's very easy to play as a beginner and is perfect for any age or size of student. There is no experience needed on any musical instrument to take this class. We will learn how to play, tune, and sometimes sing-along while we play. Performance opportunities at the Winter and Spring concerts will be possible. Let's Uke!

Visual Communications: Delve into the art and science of conveying ideas powerfully through visuals and digital media. In this dynamic course, students will master the foundational principles of design, harnessing the potential of diverse media. They will learn to edit images, construct compelling websites, and craft captivating collages. With an emphasis on industry-relevant techniques, our students will gain hands-on experience in creating standout shoes, iconic logos, and innovative products. This immersive experience not only nurtures creativity but also equips students with valuable skills for the future.